Release 2022.02

The SOL-IT Cubes are so versatile, adaptable, expandable – simply dynamic. And we know that. That’s why our team is constantly developing and optimising the Cubes.

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SOL-IT mobileCubes app

The SOL-IT Cubes as an app on the smartphone always with you!

With the SOL-IT mobileCubes you can take your projects everywhere in your pocket,

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Release 2022.01

SOL-IT Cubes are so versatile, adaptable, expandable – simply dynamic. And we know that. This is why our team is always working on developing and optimizing the Cubes continuously.

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CRM is relevant for everyone

For many SMEs, customer management is still managed using Excel and the like. In times of digitization, however, there is no way around the introduction of a professional CRM system.

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Payment transactions with XML

When data is exchanged between customers and banks or within the banks, this is done utilizing standardized XML messages. This ongoing process of international standardization of payment messages is based on ISO 20022.

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CRM systems at SMEs

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and describes not only software but rather an entire corporate philosophy that focuses on the customer. The associated CRM software plays a crucial role as without it sales and marketing could not be managed efficiently.

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Looking into the future

Prospects – predicative business planning

It is out of the question that data is valuable. But how can companies best manage the treasure trove of data?

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Protection against ransomware

Ransomware – the extortion trojan

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that denies access to devices or encrypts data. The goal is to then demand ransom money from the victim for recovery.

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ERP, DMS, and CRM …

… the most common terms.

Address managementcrmCube: Care. Link. ApplyProject managementprojectCube: Plan. Coordinate, EvaluateDocument managementdmsCube: File. Assign. Lead.BillswawiCube:
Create. Follow. Transact.E-MailemailCube: Communication. Assignment. Service.Team appointment calendarcalendarCube: Manage.

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Recognition by the FFG

SOL-IT and SOL-IT Cubes as innovative and fundable development.

The Austrian Research Promotion Agency, FFG for short, is a national funding agency for research and development in Austria.

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