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Release 2022.02

The SOL-IT Cubes are so versatile, adaptable, expandable – simply dynamic. And we know that. That’s why our team is constantly developing and optimising the Cubes. Each release hides new surprises that we naturally don’t want to keep from you.

With the new release 2022.02. we present this time mainly the topic of proformance, but we have also worked out extensions.

We would like to give you a small overview. You can find more detailed information about the new release here.

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SOL-IT mobileCubes app

The SOL-IT Cubes as an app on the smartphone always with you!

With the SOL-IT mobileCubes you can take your projects everywhere in your pocket, so to speak. It is not only an optimal complement to cell phone synchronization – the communication between your smartphone ((iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, and the like) and your central SOL-IT Cubes® database, but it also allows you to quickly access your project data via the internet.

Via a web application on your mobile device,

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Release 2022.01

SOL-IT Cubes are so versatile, adaptable, expandable – simply dynamic. And we know that. This is why our team is always working on developing and optimizing the Cubes continuously. Every release hides new surprises, which we of course do now want to withhold from you.


With the new release 2022.01. we present not only improved processes but also many new functions.


The top features are thus presented to you.

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CRM is relevant for everyone

For many SMEs, customer management is still managed using Excel and the like. In times of digitization, however, there is no way around the introduction of a professional CRM system. With the right approach, companies can avoid unnecessary costs and achieve fast results.

The management of customer relationships has always been a complex matter. Only when all factors, concepts, and processes work together perfectly can sales act effectively and efficiently. Digitization has now made that even more difficult.

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Payment transactions with XML

When data is exchanged between customers and banks or within the banks, this is done utilizing standardized XML messages. This ongoing process of international standardization of payment messages is based on ISO 20022.

XML structure overview

The in Austria exchanged data between customers and banks is transmitted in a file, whose logical structure consists of several layers. The message header contains metadata necessary for the exchange, which does not contain any payment transaction data relevant for accounting.

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Certification *Certified Digital Consultant*

We congratulate Mr. Werner Wachter, Managing Director of SOL-IT, on being certified as a Certified Digital Consultant. After fulfilling the required quality criteria and successfully completing the hearing, Mr. Wachter was awarded the title „Certified Digital Consultant“ on January 29, 2020.

You are wondering, what experts you should call on for the digital change?

… the certificate for consultants in the field of digitization!

A Certified Digital Consultant (CDC for short) works with you to identify the potential and opportunities that digitization can create for your company.

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CRM systems at SMEs

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and describes not only software but rather an entire corporate philosophy that focuses on the customer. The associated CRM software plays a crucial role as without it sales and marketing could not be managed efficiently. It is primarily used for contact management which in practice above all means keeping records: of contact details, sent e-mails, upcoming tasks, and notes. With a CRM system, you always know what was last agreed on with a customer and when he should be contacted next about what topic.

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Looking into the future

Prospects – predicative business planning

It is out of the question that data is valuable. But how can companies best manage the treasure trove of data? Whether Business Intelligence (BI), Predictive Analytics, Business Analytics, Machine Learning (ML), or Data Mining: new technology with various labels is constantly being released in the market. Keeping an overview is not easy.

A machine is serviced before it runs the risk of failure; predictive models help win back customers who are willing to churn;

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Protection against ransomware

Ransomware – the extortion trojan

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that denies access to devices or encrypts data. The goal is to then demand ransom money from the victim for recovery. There are countless variants, which vary in the way they spread, function, and the encryption algorithm they use. If not enough security measures are in place, every single one of us is a potential victim.

Good data protection can never be achieved through a single measure!

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Cubes can also be round …

Cubes make a lot possible:

 – send e-mails all around the world

        – secure data transfer, worldwide

        – networking and transparency, anytime

 – working from wherever you want


and much more thanks to additional functions and continuous advancements and new developments!

The performance of the cubes

The Cubes can accomplish quite a lot and with their functions achieve a great deal.

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