For our customers

A wide range of information, such as product descriptions, manuals, or detailed information about SOL-IT Cubes®, is available to our customers in their own protected customer area. Please log in here:

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Since we continue to develop and improve our products, you will continuously receive new information and instructions in our ticket database, such as which improvements were made to particular versions and hotfixes or the current status of your ticket.

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For our partners

Become our partner and benefit from our success!


Let your business partners partake in your success and show them how to work with our SOL-IT Cubes®. You will receive a tip commission for networking, and we will take over the rest.


You include our products in your company’s offering and offer the products to your customers from the first contact to the conclusion of the contract. Attractive commissions for licenses and services are guaranteed!

Implementation partner

After the successful conclusion of the contract, you implement the services independently. This includes the conception, installation, and configuration of our SOL-IT Cubes® as well as the training of employees through workshops and technical support.

As a partner, you naturally have access to the community and our platforms. There you will not only receive support in marketing and sales, but also find all documents, contracts, agreements, billing information, and billing details. Our networking helps with your success!

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For our safety

We are committed to the security of your sensitive company data. That’s why we work with encrypted e-mails.

Of course, we have a free certificate for you so that your mails also reach us safely:

Certificate for ALL

To read our mails, you have to decrypt them first. You can find the certificates of the SOL-IT employees here. Save this file locally and insert the desired certificate in the SOL-IT Cubes®. If you are still working with Outlook, create the contacts of the SOL-IT employees and add the certificate there.

Werner Wachter (CEO)   The electronic mail of our company is generally signed with this certificate. Invoices and other important documents in PDF-format also carry this digital signature.

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