SOL-IT Cubes® and their areas of application

The key task of the SOL-IT Cubes® is the contextually relevant linking of your corporate knowledge!

The SOL-IT Cubes® are ideally suited for managing projects, orders, clients, and knowledge as well as insurance brokering and creating networks between organizations.

We offer a basic package that maps the fundamental processes, which take place in almost all companies in a similar way.

In addition to this, we offer extensions for individual company processes that are specific to particular business sectors.


The basic package


Project management

projectCube: Plan. Coordinate. Evaluate.

The interaction of the individual SOL-IT Cubes modules brings together all project information in an easily comprehensible and logically structured user interface.

The current project status is retrievable at any time.


Address management

crmCube: Cultivate. Connect. Utilize.

Different address types (customers, suppliers, companies, contacts, etc.) simplify the management of addresses and contribute to greater clarity. The use of addresses is optimized and facilitated by linking them with other objects (projects, tasks, appointments, etc.).




emailCube: Communication. Assignment. Service.

Already at the receipt of e-mails to several recipients, only a single e-mail is stored and displayed in each recipient’s inbox through linking of information.

This also applies to attached documents. Additionally, the cube checks if the document already exists in the system. If so, a logical link is created rather than storing the document again.


Document management

dmsCube: Store. Allocate. Steer.

Structuring by means of folders, categories, and number ranges. Although a document is only stored once, it can still be found in several places, for example in different folders, because it is linked with other objects. Existing documents are recognized and will not be imported a second time.

central template management
automated filling


Team calendar

calendarCube: Manage. Plan. Remember.

Your appointments are not only linked to a contact, but also to other elements. This means that all appointments are quickly displayed, for example, for a specific project or employee. With access authorization you get an overview of the appointments of your employees and colleagues. This facilitates easy coordination of vacation dates and appointments.


Task management

taskCube: Organize. Structure. Trace.

Create tasks easily and quickly. Structure them and track their status. Interaction of task lists, tasks, and information allows you to create company-internal logs.
Tasks that arise during conferences and meetings can be distributed with the taskCube in a binding and clear manner. (Standard) checklists help your employees with routine tasks and save valuable time.

The extensions



wawiCube: Create. Track. Process.


With the SOL-IT wawiCube you get a smart ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. By facilitating management of your sales articles, defining price lists, creating orders as well as order and delivery notes, it enables you to have your order processing firmly under control. Of course, accounting and payment tracking is one, if not the most important component.

The smart ERP system in conjunction with the SOL-IT projectCube is a perfect addition!

icon - Mobilitaet


mobileCube: On the move. Current. Informed.

Carry your projects everywhere in your pocket. This ideal addition to mobile phone synchronization also allows you to quickly access your project data via the Internet. And, thanks to the web app (HTML5), working hours can be recorded immediately after a service has been provided.


icon - Protokolle


meetingCube: Structure. Minute. Track.

You can create a minute circle for the topic-related collection of your meeting minutes. By creating chapters, you specify the structure of each individual log. You can record each specific point of discussion in individual minute points, and immediately generate tasks along with an appointment and responsibilities for each task. Allocate the discussed documents, photos, etc. to the respective minute point, and thereby document the course of the meeting.




cadCube: Manage. Track. Understand.

The SOL-IT cadCube forms a perfect interface from an existing CAD application to a sophisticated plan management system, and simplifies and optimizes the management of plans and planning statuses. Through deliberate and structured coding of plan formats, you save time while importing. Thanks to centralized management, the sending of plans via e-mail is fast and uncomplicated. Delivery notes are automatically generated and sent simultaneously with the e-mail.


icon - Sicherheit

Additional benefit GDPR

dsgvoCube: People. Data. Protection.

Fulfill GDPR commitments easily. The procedural directory is integrated straightforwardly and, thanks to innovative linking, you can support data subject rights at the push of a button. What does my company know about a person? – Find out by pushing a button! Please delete EVERYTHING you know about me. – Pseudonymize by pushing a button!


icon - Arbeitszeitmodell

Time/performance recording

timerecordCube: Effective. Performance. Documentation.

Through all the timestamps that are available on smartphones, QR code, or by way of a simple click on the PC, this cube records the combined time that is used for project activities, telephone or e-mail work, documents, or other tasks that are carried out, which allows for simplified realtime project-related performance recording and time-based billing.


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