CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and describes not only software but rather an entire corporate philosophy that focuses on the customer. The associated CRM software plays a crucial role as without it sales and marketing could not be managed efficiently. It is primarily used for contact management which in practice above all means keeping records: of contact details, sent e-mails, upcoming tasks, and notes. With a CRM system, you always know what was last agreed on with a customer and when he should be contacted next about what topic.


A CRM system allows one to maintain personal and individual customer relationships even with a broad customer base – the basis for successful sales. Digital contact management was only found in big corporations for a long time, but more and more SMEs are discovering its benefits. However, the systems that the “big guys” use are simply not suitable for small teams and the self-employed: too complex, too expensive, too time-consuming.

For a couple of years now CRM systems have been developing on the market, that are specially designed to meet the requirements of SMEs. But it takes intensive research to set the right focus in the jungle of providers.

These 5 tips help you choose the right CMR system

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