The entire knowledge of your company intelligently networked

The challenge:

Information overload and complexity

The enormous amount of information that is generated in a company on a daily basis, makes it almost impossible to keep track of things. Individual configurations of individual employees do not make this easier and may, amongst other things, prevent other authorized employees, the project manager, or the managing director from accessing the information.

E-mails, documents, appointments, contacts… Searching for information is one of the most time-consuming activities in a company.

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Vernetzung SOL-IT Cubes

The solution:

Contextually relevant linking of all company data!

This, for example, ensures that a document attached to an e-mail is immediately found not only in the e-mail itself, but also through the recipient, the project, the customer, the appointment, or through anything else that it may be linked to.

The document can not only be found by the mail recipients themselves, but also by all other project participants with the appropriate authorization.

Automation according to your specifications and without redundancies.

The tool:

The modular Cubes® from SOL-IT.

The Swiss pocketknife for project management, e-mail management, customer management, document management, policy management, knowledge management, etc.

The modular design of our Cubes® enables us to use a standard product to tailor-make individual solutions for you and your company.

You can start with the basic package and, if needed, easily expand it with additional products, such as the mobileCube, wawiCube, meetingCube, cadCube or one of the many other products – matched to your line of work and your requirements.



Harness the possibilities:

The SOL-IT Cubes® are highly integrative and can, therefore, in principle, be used in every company. Highly integrative means that you continue to work with your existing programs as usual and the Cubes®, almost in passing, provide networking and structure.

Nevertheless, some occupational fields can most notably benefit from our solutions, due to our expertise in these fields:

Project-oriented companies …

… such as architects, construction companies, planning offices, and many others benefit from a successful project execution with much less effort. Automatic and intelligent networking makes information clear and visible. All project participants have access to the latest information at all times!

Insurance broker

The project is to the architect what the policy is to the broker. The insuranceCube enables you to efficiently manage policies and claims.

OMDS and Together-Interface are included.


Food producers

Quality management in the food sector demands even more intensive efforts than in other business sectors.
Audit and control management, for example, can be done more simply and efficiently with the auditCube.


In the project world, a wide variety of companies frequently work together with a very diverse range of people. SOL-IT Cubes® make this collaboration possible through their communication channels, access routes, and ability to share documents, plans, tasks, and information.

Our solution elegantly replaces weTransfer or Dropbox (which store YOUR documents on unknown servers and who knows where else). You can build your private Cubes-cloud for your network.

Learn about new ideas that will help you get ahead!

Are you fed up with the e-mail chaos? Would you like to get to know a tool that enables you to automatically link your e-mails, projects, documents, contacts, tasks, appointments, and many other things? Do you want information to be available to you at the touch of a button, without lengthily having to search for it? Then get in touch!

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