… the most common terms.

Address management
crmCube: Care. Link. Apply
Project management
projectCube: Plan. Coordinate, Evaluate
Document management
dmsCube: File. Assign. Lead.
wawiCube: Create. Follow. Transact.
emailCube: Communication. Assignment. Service.
Team appointment calendar
calendarCube: Manage. Plan. Remind.
Task management
taskCube: Organize. Structure. Follow.
and much more!
We offer you many more modules and functions of the cubes, also tailored to your wishes and needs.
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See the big picture!

When you think of software and IT-solutions, terms like DMS, CRM, and ERP are familiar to us, and we know what it is about. However, we have always looked at these components individually and that is wrong!

A good system connects and links everything together – why is that? Because e.g. every invoice has a sender and recipient, which is deposited in the database (merging ERP and CRM). Each customer has certain documents where reference is made to the DMS. As we can see, everything is connected – and that is not all. E-mails, tasks, appointments, and calendars are also part of a well-maintained system.

By now, we know how complex business data is and that it needs well-maintained software.

You have no solution, and you are struggling with all these points? Then contact us and schedule an appointment without obligation!

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