Become GDPR compliant easily and quickly

We offer you and your company close cooperation and the ideal GDPR package for your needs. With the help of the SOL-IT Cubes, especially the dsgvoCube, a lot is simplified, particularly complying with the guidelines and specifications, and documenting your data protection efforts in order to optimize your processes in this regard. In addition to the new Cube, you can also benefit from services that provide mentoring and support for you and your company. We help you make the whole thing more efficient. Take advantage of security and data protection and opt for the GDPR package.

„The new General Data Protection Regulation will finally bring the law to the state of the digital age – and that in a unified way in 28 EU Member States.“

Heiko Maas on the General Data Protection Regulation

What do you get?

In addition to checklists, model contracts, advice, and support, we work with you to develop „Technical, Organizational Measures“ (TOMs) and use our extensive experience in this area to create the optimal overview. This can truly be called working efficiently – you are finished faster and we are happy!

  • Directory of procedures
  • Step-by-step checklists
  • Reports: rights of data subjects
  • Encrypted transmission
  • Sample text modules
  • Checklist template for TOMs
  • and many other aids
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