SOL-IT Cubes are so versatile, adaptable, expandable – simply dynamic. And we know that. This is why our team is always working on developing and optimizing the Cubes continuously. Every release hides new surprises, which we of course do now want to withhold from you.


With the new release 2022.01. we present not only improved processes but also many new functions.


The top features are thus presented to you. All further information regarding the new release can be found here.


mobileCubes app for android and iOS

Our new mobileCubes app sets a new milestone in mobility with SOL-IT Cubes. You gain access to your e-mails, Cubes messages, projects, addresses, and all assigned objects via the native app.

E-mails can be edited and assigned directly on the smartphone or tablet and optionally assign permissions and other employees are informed via Cubes message. 

Additional modules such as the status report for photo documentation of your projects can be enabled if needed.


cockpitCube – start-stop function for time and performance documentation

SOL-IT cockpitCube depicts a combined time and performance recording. Thereby a start-stop function is used. Simply select the relevant project, start the process and stop it after completion or start the next process.

In the background, the performance (recording of project activity) is recorded for the created time stamps.


The cockpit also provides an overview of the employees and their attendance.


Project tableau (Kanban board) for visually changing the project status

It lists your projects (in which you are defined as the project leader) in columns depending on their project status. By dragging and dropping a project from one column to another, the project status is automatically updated in the background.


Example of use: You can define the project status with levels of completion 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% (or in similar gradation). In the project tableau, you can drag the projects to the respective column in the project leader meeting.

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Interfaces to accounting – FIBU connection

The FIBU-export interface has been enhanced for efficient transmission of invoice data to your accounting department. You can choose from the common export formats for BMD NTCS, BMD 5.5 (predecessor of NTCS), Datev, and RZL.

The following export information is compiled:

·Preparation for financial statements

·Debtors list

·Creditors list

·incoming invoice incl. PDF document

·outgoing invoice incl. PDF document

If you have any questions regarding the release or you are interested in our product then simply contact us.


We are available by e-mail as well as by phone.

Your SOL-IT Team

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