The SOL-IT Cubes are so versatile, adaptable, expandable – simply dynamic. And we know that. That’s why our team is constantly developing and optimising the Cubes. Each release hides new surprises that we naturally don’t want to keep from you.

With the new release 2023.01. we present this time mainly the topic of proformance, but we have also worked out extensions.

We would like to give you a small overview. You can find more detailed information about the new release here.

New „Belongs to“ selection for direct and faster assignment
A significant improvement for quick assignment is made possible by a new type of „belongs to“ selection.
It is possible to enter search terms directly. For the search term (e.g. project name or code), the probable objects are offered from an intelligently sorted selection list.
The right mouse button on the selected entries is also supported here, e.g. to display the preview for an object. Thus, the opening of the object window can be saved.
If there is a folder structure for the parent object, a folder icon is displayed next to the bubble. By clicking on the folder icon, the folder assignment can be done.
If there are several „Belongs to“ entries, they are automatically grouped by object type including display of the number per group.
In addition, there is a separate icon for the quick selection of open objects so that they are listed for selection.

The new „Belongs to“ is now present on almost all forms, and is extended to other forms in each version.

Security: Password protect download links
Documents as well as download links to sensitive documents should not be sent unprotected by e-mail. In addition to password protection of PDF documents, download links can also be protected with a password.
In the options for sending attachments, a freely selectable password can be specified.
If a password is assigned, the attached document(s) is automatically zipped and protected with the password. As a result, the documents in cubes are not password-protected and can be edited as usual. Only the recipient of the download link has to enter the password to open the zip file.

Please never give the password to the recipient in the same mail. A medium separate from the mail, such as an SMS, would be suitable for this purpose

E-mail Assignment Wizard: Improvement and Simplification Selection through Favorites Quick Search
The assignment of e-mails has been significantly improved, accelerated and simplified by the addition of the new favorites search to the assignment wizard. In the email mapping window, the favorite search is displayed on the left. Here you can easily enter search terms and the favorites, history and preset object types are found immediately. The selection of the desired assignment entries is done either with the mouse with a double click, or via the keyboard using the arrow keys + Enter. Entries can be removed from the list of assignments by double-clicking.

By entering „#“ in the search field of the favorites, other object types can also be searched for, such as opportunities, machines, etc.

Weitere umfangreiche Zusatzfunktionen (Features) können gegen einen geringen Kostenanteil bei uns lizenziert und bezogen werden. Detailbeschreibungen und Angebote können Sie gerne unter anfordern.


mobileCubes App: Direct download of addresses to the mobile device
The mobileCubes app has been extended by the function for the direct download of an address list maintained in cubes.
This means that addresses can be loaded directly onto the local mobile device via the mobileCubes app even without synchronization to an Exchange server. An update of the data is possible by re-downloading. This means that the desired addresses are always available on the mobile device.
The download is called in mobileCubes via Settings / Address List Download / Start Download.

The address list is managed in cubes and assigned to the user in question under the menu Tools / Options / tab „mobileCubes“ / „Address list that synchronizes my addresses with my mobile phone“. When the address list is downloaded, this stored address list is downloaded.

Search and e-mail assignment dialog – Possibility to assign/update and search for categories for mail and attachments (documents) with the # input
To simplify the assignment of categories for e-mails and their attachments, the e-mail assignment dialog has been extended so that the suggestions for the categories for e-mails or documents can be called up here by entering the ‚#‘ character.

Enter # + First letters of the category name and select the entry from the suggestions with arrow keys + Tab key or with the mouse.

The ‚#‘ categories entered in two attachments are applied to the documents when you click on „Finish“ of the assignment wizard.

In addition, when searching for e-mails and documents, it is also possible to enter/select the category directly as a search term in the text line with the ‚#‘ key. As a result, the categories are significantly upgraded.

Take this as an opportunity to rethink your categories for e-mails and documents, so that a meaningful category assignment makes it easier to find.

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