PlanUpload in conjunction with the project platform allows you to upload plans quickly and easily. Whether it’s plans, planning statuses, or plan indices, the upload is possible with just one click. And best of all, this solution enables your partners to access uploaded plans, so there is no need for annoying back-and-forth email chains or the compression of files that are too large. You can now easily share your plans with project stakeholders and receive the information that you need.

Advantages of PlanUpload:

  • Quick and easy way to upload a plan.
  • Offers the possibility for external people to upload new plans via the project platform.
  • No information asymmetries: everyone gets the same information and level of knowledge about the project.
  • Plans can be automatically shared with the project platform depending on the project.
  • Automatic email information to all project participants as soon as new plans have been uploaded / released.
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