ECM stands for Enterprise Content Management, but what does this actually mean? What is it used for, what do I do with it and, above all, what do SOL-IT Cubes have to do with it? You will find the answers to these questions in the following article. If something is still unclear, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you!

Enterprise Content Management supports your company with technical tools and digital functions. It is a strategic and functional further development of common document management systems (DMS) and therefore offers several and more comprehensive functionalities. ECM aims to provide all corporate information on a uniform platform, which offers not only internal use, but also solutions for cooperation with external parties.

„ECM includes technologies for capturing, managing, storing, preserving, and delivering content and documents to support organizational processes“

AIIM, 2003

In addition to the processing of structured content (customer number, invoice number, order data), ECM also deals with contents that have less or even no structure (emails, documents, images, texts, plans, etc.). ECM includes traditional information technologies, such as document management, collaboration, workflow, and archiving, and integrates the client/server world with that of content management. This results in the following:

  • Increased information and verification capabilities
  • Avoidance of data and information redundancies
  • Overarching, central platform as an interface
  • Flexible and dynamic control of business transactions
  • Order and structure across the entire stock of information

We have combined these advantages and functionalities into one product – the SOL-IT cubes, which offer you the following in terms of ECM:

  • Create order
  • Make use of networking
  • Create flexibility
  • Improve processes
  • Enable searching
  • Keep an overview
  • Use everywhere
  • Simple documentation
  • and much more…


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